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Rock Maze

Dayna Wicks, MA

Integrative Healing

You will be guided through your healing journey in a reverential and ceremonial way.  I utilize four medicine baskets -- bodywork, mindwork, spiritwork, and heartwork.


These four medicine baskets help me bring clearing, balancing, and restoration to your mind, body, heart,  and spirit.  We will create a sacred space together, gently removing the energetic blockages appearing in your field, listening to messages from those ancestors and guides who want to speak with you, and allowing that Divine healing energy to come through for your best and highest good.


While I have helped  address a wide range of physical and emotional issues, I specialize in treating Grief, Addiction, Trauma, and Emotional distress (GATE). This GATE of limitation keeps us from truly engaging in life and tapping into our true essence. We contract, hold back, cower, and hide from our power.

As a spiritual and empathetic counselor, energy worker, and bodyworker, I tap into the story of what your body is telling throughout your GATE experiences. Through our work together, we find out the messages you need to hear and what you can let go of.

Everybody has a story to tell. And every body inherently wants to be healthy and whole.

Just as traumatic memories are often stored in the brain, they are also stored in our muscles, fascia, organs, and nervous system. Those stories that our bodies keep telling us, I’m not enough, I am frail and flawed, unsafe, unworthy, and unwell” keep us from our full vitality. The first step of the healing process is to understand those somatic stories, allow them to be briefly told and released, and tell a new story of sustained well-being.


I am your storyteller, and I can translate those messages into meaning and healing.

What if you learn to stop struggling, and discover your true expression? Be happy. Feel better. Sleep more. Stress less. You can create greater health and well-being on every level -- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually -- but you need to write a new story.

My service is to help you better connect with yourself so you can better connect with the world.
I bring  over two decades of experience as an integrative healing practitioner, which means our time together is approached less as a healing session and more as a mini-ceremony. The Spirit-driven work I do and the space I hold as a doorkeeper between the realms, creates juicy opportunities for learning, healing, and transformation!

In our sacred healing space, you will be guided to:

  • Learn about energy and how to manage it

  • Navigate your emotional terrain, leveraging it as an asset instead of a burden

  • Bathe in compassion and acceptance for who you are without judgement

  • Experience true relaxation that gives you courage to keep going even when it’s hard

  • Connect with ancestors and guides in the Spirit realm

  • Feel better and more connected so that you can live your life in more joy. 

  • Grow your own intuition 


Healer.  Teacher.  SeerGuide. Ceremonialist


About Dayna Wicks

 I could see, hear, and feel energy for as long as I can remember.

As a young girl, my outer world looked very normal. Growing up in a stable home in Bakersfield, I was a shy kid who played sports and loved to swim during the hot summers. Pretty average childhood, really.

But my inner world was not so average.

As a child I would often have dreams about family members who had passed, dreams where they would ask me to deliver messages or take care of something. I was fascinated by those Unseen Forces that occupied my inner landscape.

By the time I was eight years old, I began inviting myself to attend church with the neighbors or whoever would take me! I listened intently, asked questions, and searched for answers about this Presence that I knew deeply but had no words for.

Ever since those early days, my relationship with Spirit has been my constant companion. Always on a quest for deeper understanding, I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and a Masters Degree in Holistic Health Education and Somatic Psychology. During graduate school, I found myself nudged toward ever-deeper healing practices and indigenous ceremonial and healing ways. Something deep was stirring in me and calling me.  

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