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Ever since those early days, my relationship with Spirit has been my constant companion. Always on a quest for deeper understanding, I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and a Masters Degree in Holistic Health Education and Somatic Psychology. During graduate school, I found myself nudged toward ever-deeper healing practices and indigenous ceremonial and healing ways. Something deep was stirring in me and calling me.  

For my graduate Internship, I went to a Buddhist Monastery in Thailand that specializes in an indigenous treatment for addiction.  I grew a deep relationship with the Abbott there, Luang Poh Charoen Parnchand, and he began to teach me about Traditional Healing.  The next call from Spirit landed me in Gabon, Africa to study with a revered  Grand Master, Bernadette Rebienot, and to begin years of apprenticing and initiations in Indigenous Healing.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to apprentice with revered masters in Traditional Healing from Thailand and Africa, as well as Native American ways with my family.  The initiations were carving something in me, growing something in me, and pushing me more deeply into surrendering to Spirit.  

I also studied different forms of  bodywork, Reiki, and hands on healing, as well as participating in the Stargate Mystery School and facilitating Maitri Breathwork in the Center for Sacred Studies. Through all of this... I kept hearing the call of Spirit.

I find great joy in using my gifts of healing, coaching, seeing, and mediumship to help others heal through trauma and grief. I weave together lessons from past lives and ways of healing in this life to be a catalyst and channel for deep medicine and transformation.

All of my very intense initiations, ceremony, and training in Indigenous Healing were mild compared to the journey my youngest daughter took myself, my family, and community through.  She went into sudden heart failure at 3 months of age, was in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at Stanford Children’s Hospital for a very complicated and difficult 9 months resulting in a heart transplant with major complications.  I believe in miracles because it is a miracle that she got to be with us for 5 years.  She went back home to God in July 2015.


My beloved daughter Dyllan’s return to God is the searing arrow that continues to guide my way.

For the last two decades, I have used counseling, ceremony, and intuitive bodywork to bring clearing, balancing, and restoration to the body, mind, spirit, and heart. I meet each client where they are, looking at where their spirit is out of balance in the body, and gently facilitate their own deeper healing.


My experience through my life is my greatest teacher and guides how I show up in my work.
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