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Through the Mind

Our thoughts, words, and energies are powerful forces. For optimal health and success, we need to learn how to harness them.

There are four areas of mindwork I offer to assist you in moving through a healing crisis and into sustainable well-being. Each session is customized based on your needs and healing objectives.


  • Subtle Energy Training

  • Healing Crisis & Addiction Counseling

  • Empowerment Coaching


My counseling, training, and coaching services are based on twenty years of healing facilitation experience as well as my educational background of a Masters in Holistic Health Education/Somatic Psychology and a certificate in Addictive Behaviors.


I have an office in Half Moon Bay, California to see clients in person. However, we can also work together virtually over video sessions.


  "Dayna relieved me of severe bouts of crippling fear long enough that I could begin to climb my way out of the darkness."  


Subtle Energy Training


Learn the art of "seeing" subtle energy in this lively, open discussion and experiential, hands-on training geared towards anyone who wants to deepen their intuition, healing abilities, or contain their own energy so they don't feel "so sensitive" out in the world. For all untrained empaths and highly sensitive people (HSP).  You’ll leave with a deeper understanding, and familiarity of the life force that surrounds all living beings.


After our time together, you will be more confident in your own intuitive abilities and, in turn, become more fully integrated into yourself.


 "Addicts are people that have a more powerful calling than most to Spirit, to God, but simply get the direction of their journey mixed up." - Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Traveled]

Healing Crisis & Addiction Counseling

Receive that critically-important safe support as you work through a healing crisis,  substance addiction, or behavioral addictions.  I’ve worked in both traditional 12-step recovery programs as well as alternative approaches since 1998. I created a year-long holistic addiction treatment program in the foothills of Sonora that encouraged each participant to get more in touch with themselves and nature, thus allowing the core of the addiction to begin to heal.  


People struggling with addiction must begin to wake back up, get back in their body, and heal trauma from the past.


  Utilizing Cancer as a Great Teacher and Awakener  

I have over 20 years of experience working with a range of different cancer diagnoses.  I refer to cancer as the “Great Awakener” and lean into the fertile soil of transformation and healing available to people dealing with this.  I will walk with you in facing your fears and embracing your healing. 

Empowerment Coaching


Get to the core of what may be holding you back in your life while being lovingly guided toward your own empowered self-healing. This includes releasing old traumas, emotional blocks, and behavior patterns that are no longer serving you which result in soul-limiting depression, anxiety, stress, and so much more.


The work we do together to address those “most stuck places” will be deeply transformative, healing, and empowering. 

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