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Tending the Spirit

Spirit Tree of Life

  There are certain times in our lives that call for highly-focused Spiritwork.  

My deep love for utilizing ceremony, creating sacred space, and tapping into the inherent healing powers of creation are the basis of my Spiritwork. Whether it is utilizing Indigenous Healing, holding sacred ceremonies for transitions and celebrations, or creating rituals to support sustained well-being, I can help you release the heavy burdens you are carrying and get you more connected to your own personal relationship with Spirit.


Acting as a midwife between the realms, I help you connect with the messages, healing powers, and spirits available.  This helps to re-align your energy, and for you to see that your wounds can be composted into something good.

Through our work, you will have hope once again. You don’t have to live with anxiety or depression. You will feel connected, maybe even for the first time. You will see what else is possible for you.

JOY is possible.

I invite you to create an open, trusting, sacred circle with me where we deepen our relationship with Spirit to unlock the doors to healing, nurturing, and growth. You will be guided to that reverential connection with the Divine while also honoring the practicalities of everyday life.


 On every step of the journey, I’ll guide you towards growth and learning with deep reservoirs of courage, compassion, and love. 

Indigenous Healing...

Is a way of life for my family and I. Through ceremony, sweat lodge, and prayer, I continue learning about the elements to bring people, places, and relations back into balance.


Ceremony is an essential part of life.  It helps to:

  • Create a sacred time to connect in, honor and give thanks

  • Honor the completion of a stage of life, relationship, business etc…

  • Being witnessed and supported

  • Embrace a healing

  • Calling your soul back

  • Honoring Birth and Death

Let’s co-create the ceremony you most need for your continued healing.  You CAN have Spirit woven into the fabric of your life. And when you do, everything -- from the smallest annoyance to the biggest trauma -- gets easier.  You are worth it!


Dayna's unique perception of the material and spirit world has allowed me to settle and accept places within myself... previously invalidated.

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