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Barefoot in the Rainforest...

I arrived in the rainforest of Gabon, Africa last fall to continue on my path of initiation and healing there. I took my shoes off outside of the temple, and did not put them back on until 2 weeks later.

Feet directly on the earth, no phone, no computer, no electronics, and not really any electricity either.

What incredible medicine! A deep reset for my system. An opportunity to sink into the fresh land, air, water, and earth. I swam in the ocean, and bathed from buckets of caught rain water. It gave me the opportunity to let go of a whole lot of life I didn’t need to carry anymore nor I was even aware of the depth of what was there.

What is happening to our bodies and minds being “plugged in" to all of our devices all the time?

What is happening to our children, teenagers, and young adults to be "plugged in" like this? What is being instilled and re-wired in their systems and in our culture?

I am grieving the loss of the connection with nature for our families, communities and world.

I saw a good comedy film called, “Don’t look Up” that speaks to this this very topic happening in the United States and all over our planet. I highly recommend it.

As we walk into this New Year, there is so much to grieve, and so much to be grateful for. I am reflecting on each of these for myself.

What do you need to grieve?

What are you grateful for?

What do you need to reset your system to keep walking with love, peace, and joy into 2023?

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