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Rock Medicine from Thailand

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

For my graduate internship I went to an Indigenous Addiction Treatment Center in Thailand (Wat Thamkrabok) that was also a Buddhist Monastery. This is a special and sacred place that formed itself in 1957.

They utilize plants, herbs, special saunas, and deep Buddhist faith in the treatment of addiction. I began to grow a relationship with the two magical brothers who ran the Monastery. The older brother, Luang Poh Chamroon Panchand, was the Abbot of the Monastery and had a gift for gazing into people’s eyes to see where their spirit was out of balance. He would then give them a mantra to say everyday to bring themselves back into balance. His younger brother, Luang Poh Charoen Panchand, was a magical alchemist who lived alone in the forests of Thailand for 15 years studying the elements and creation before settling into the monastery. He took over the Monastery after his brother died in 1999. I went back to this Monastery several times before Luang Poh died in 2008.

I received a couple of different initiations with him to allow me to channel his work. Part of the vow a monk or nun takes in their monastery is to only travel by foot for the rest of their life. He told me I was to be one of his “representatives” out in the world. He used stones for a variety of alchemy and healing. He believed they were the source of all wisdom. I used to take him rocks from different places in the world and he would tell me about the people, and life there. His wisdom and healing are a foundation of my work.

What do you base your life’s work on? Who are the teachers, guides, and wisdomkeepers who have influenced how you show up? Are you lacking those way-show-ers? If so, start energizing the vision that those teachers will present themselves to you. Ask for the signs to show you where you should go. And when those signs present themselves, ACT. Take the trip. Visit the monastery. Read the book. Those nudges are from Spirit, inviting you to go deeper into this human experience!

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