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The passing of a Spiritual Mountain...

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Bernadette Rose Rebienot 1934-2021

Bernadette took her last breath on this beautiful Mother Earth that she loved dearly 1/20/2021. She made her way back home to the Ancestors and the Spirit World that she was always in service to. She is a Spiritual Mountain that many leaned into across this globe, and had a heart that rooted deep into this earth. She had completed 21 different initiations in 3 different lines of healing dating back to the Pygmy people, which earned her the title of a Grand Master.

I have known my spiritual teacher and adopted mother, Mama, as many of us call her, for 21 years. I was the first American that she agreed to initiate into her traditional ways of healing in Gabon, Africa in 2001. I am feeling the ripples of her passing and the profound impact she made on this planet and my life. I want to share her voice in one of the last few messages she wrote:

Hello and Happy New Year 2021 to all,

I would like to start by giving thanks to God for the longevity he gave me because I was blessed to blow out my 87th candle today, surrounded by a few loved ones. I thank everyone who sent me a message, they touched me a lot.

At the threshold of this new year, we do not know what the content will be, but I want to share this:

We are all born on one planet, we breathe the same air and drink the same water. We each have a unique journey and the diversity of our cultures is such that it is sometimes difficult to understand each other. But, we remain human beings first and foremost. Our differences only illustrate our own resources that we have to share.

Let's learn to love ourselves, learn to forgive ourselves, learn to understand ourselves, sometimes accept the contradiction to always find common ground. It is up to us to convey justice, cohesion, brotherhood and solidarity. Let's teach our children to love themselves, to follow the direction of Life, that is, to move towards Unity and Love. Together we can make peace triumph.

Let's push back any form of division because separation takes us away from ourselves.

During my life, orphan of father and mother from my early childhood, I felt very alone. But, I fought, I thought, I cried, I raised my arms to heaven as I begged God, I prayed and ended up understanding that will is a power, that love heals, and that union is the strength.

At the twilight of my life, I am happy to feel that we are together, all together to fulfill our destiny and work for a better world because the same fire burns in each of us, so let's maintain it with all our strength.

Happy new year to all, we will always be united even if we ignore it. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. May this year bring you happiness, health, prosperity, and most importantly, let's love each other.

~Bernadette Rebienot

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Kait Singley
Kait Singley
Sep 22, 2021

Thank you for sharing Bernadette's potent loving voice <3

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