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The Spirit of Illness

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

In 2001, I began my apprenticeship with a Grand Master Healer from Gabon, Africa Bernadette Rebienot, who has been through more than 21 different initiations in three different lines of Traditional Healing dating back to the Pygmy people.

My training is still ongoing, and I have been through seven different initiations in two different lines of Traditional African Healing with her.

Traditional Healing has lived deep inside their culture for thousands of years and it is the Traditional Medicine Healer or Shaman that people visit before an allopathic doctor. In Indigenous Healing/Traditional Healing, it is believed that all ailments stem from an imbalance in Spirit, and this is what is first addressed.

My approach to integrative healing facilitation is based on the same concept. I find that the outward manifestations of our illness stem from an inner imbalance in our spirit-bodies. Just as toxic air can damage our lungs, so too can toxic trauma, thoughts, and emotions damage our bodies.

What are your thoughts on your spirit impacting your health? Have you been taught that going to the doctor was the first thing you do when you are sick? What did that teach you about your own role in your healing? Your spirit’s role? How has that impacted your ability to sustain well-being? Are you being nudged to go back to nature so you can go forward?

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