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Unlocking the Mystery

After my internship in Thailand, I graduated from the Center for Sacred Studies Stargate Mystery School and went on to study the use of Maitri Breathwork as a modality for healing on a variety of levels.

My graduate thesis focused on the use of non-ordinary states of consciousness to treat addiction, which was also part of my study in Thailand. I became certified in Maitri Breathwork and began working with individuals and groups to facilitate healing and balance. I am deeply passionate about the power of Maitri and breathwork in general as a tool for healing.

I am a facilitator of the Stargate Mystery School, and what an amazing program this is. I have experienced profound healing in myself as well as witnessed many others transform their lives and let go of what is holding them back. The Mystery School was started by my husband's parents, Jyoti and Russell Park in 1995 with programs running in the U.S. as well as Europe. The School offers programs that are one year and two-year intensives utilizing breathwork, transpersonal psychology, sound healing, and meditation techniques to facilitate healing and personal growth.

When people ask me details about the Mystery School that I help facilitate, I smile and remind them that it is called a Mystery School for a reason! Every person finds themselves through different doorways. When we spend too much time in endless deliberation or analyzing every step, we take the magic out of life. We stop taking chances, having adventures, and discovering new parts of us that we never knew existed. We coast instead of charging forward. The mystery lies in discovering our true essence that goes far beyond what we ever thought possible.

What mystery is swirling around you that has taken far too much of your energy? Can you settle into the swirl and let it unfurl naturally? Where are you holding onto too tightly?

For information about The Stargate Mystery School and when the next programs begin as well as the Center for Sacred Studies, please visit:

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